Return & Refund Policy is an online Classified Platform. The user of this website can sell any legitimate product through advertisement and the user of the website can directly communicate with the seller through this website and purchase the product according to his needs.

    does not sell any products through this website. The user of this website advertises the product through the website and directly communicates with the buyer and sells the product. does not take any commission for the sale of the product.


Return & Refund Policy:

A seller can sell products through with completely free advertising. Apart from free ads, has some types of premium ads for which the website user has to pay a price. In the case of advertising, all the terms and conditions of must be followed. Product category, image and other information correctly while doing premium ads. After posting the ad, team verifies and approves it.


For any reason, if users post by selecting the wrong category, if users make a mistake in selecting the product image or if users provide incorrect product information, please contact with within 30 minutes. The team will do their best to correct premium advertiser ads if they are not posted correctly. Otherwise the advertiser can post a new premium ad of equal value by contacting us.


As this is a technical matter, so the decision taken by the team will be final. The decision taken by team after verifying your request will be final.



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