Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

- Click on Post Ad button.

- If you are not already logged in, you will need to log in as the first step of posting your ad.

- Add all the information about your item such as Category, Title, Description, Price, Region and add needed number of Photos.

- After filling out the required fields click on “Post” button.

- Your ad will be published shortly once the moderation process is completed.


Be ready to receive numerous incoming calls from your potential buyers.

Good luck with your sales!

To edit an ad please go to your ads page and click on the "Edit" option. You can find your ad easily by logging in to your account and visiting your "My Ads" page.

To delete an ad please go to your ads page and click on the "Delete" option and select a reason why you want to delete.

To set a new password, please log in to your account, click on " Account Icon" and enter a new password. If you have forgotten your password, please go to the log in page and click on the "Forgot Password"

Your ads remain on the site for 60 days, unless you delete and deactivate them earlier.

Your ad may not be live due to one of the following reasons:


- Our moderators will review your ad very carefully and if all the fields are filled out correctly, it will be activated shortly. After activated you can find your ad on our website or "My Ads" page.

- It may have violated our posting rules.

- You have used up your free ad limitation.


If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours for a response from us, please try posting again or contact us.

All of the ads are manually reviewed. if your ad violates our posting rules it will be rejected.

If you are not receiving responses to our ads, we recommend taking a look at our tips on how to sell fast.

Following rules are required:

- Make sure you chose an appropriate category.

- Every ads must have a precise title.

- Every ads must contain a clear description.

- Every ads should contain only unique images, without any contact information or watermarks. Pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised item or service it will be not accepted.

- The prices of your items must correspond to the real prices of similar products.

- All posted products or services must be located in Bangladesh.

- All items and products must be legally permitted in Bangladesh.

- Each item for sale must be posted separately. You cannot post several products within one and the same ads.

- An unrealistic offer and offensive language not accepted.

Every month you can post up to a set number of items on

- Our moderators will review your ad very carefully and if all the fields are filled out correctly, it will be activated shortly.

- You can find your ad on our website only when it is approved by our moderators.

- You will get a notification email when your ad is active. If there is something wrong with your ad, you will be notified about that and all the mistakes will be specified so that you can edit your ad correspondingly.

- After publishing your ad, you can edit it again if needed and repost. Once done, your ad undergoes moderation before being activated on the website.  

- You can Delete or Close your ad any time you want.

- You shouldn’t publish ad of the same content. They will be considered duplicates by our moderators and won’t go active on the website.

- You can always manage your ads by logging in to your Obondhu account and clicking on "My Ads"

- Use a clear title which includes the name of the item you sell. Try to make your title appealing and eye-catching.

- Set an appropriate price for your item so that the advert is approved. If the price is not relevant, it may be declined

- The description of your product must be informative enough and mustn’t contain any false information regarding your product or service

- Upload only unique and high-quality photos of your items taken by yourself and not downloaded from the Internet. The better photos you add, the more attractive your ad looks to the potential buyers and the more calls you receive.

- Indicate correct contact details for the potential buyers or clients to be able to reach you easily.

- Try to fill out all the fields of your profile page, to let your customers dispose of all the necessary information about you as a seller and the products you sell.

- Apply Ad Promotions to get up to 20 times more views and interested buyers for your ad. The better your chances of selling fast for the price that you want.

If you see something suspicious on, please report the problem by clicking "Report This Ad" and Insert your text and click Send.

list of goods and services promotion of which is prohibited on Obondhu in Bangladesh:

- Weapons

- Restricted military or police items

- Human organs

- Illegal or pirated copies

- Stolen property

- Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs

- Code grabbing and lock picking devices

- Electronic equipment prohibited by the law

- Sexually-oriented services

- Loans, money transactions, Bitcoin

- Network marketing and Home Base Business

- Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable legislation of Bangladesh.

- Any goods that do not comply with standards and quality requirements imposed on such goods by - applicable legislation of Bangladesh.

- Any goods that are represented on the label or described as a treatment, preventative, or cure for diseases, disorders, or abnormal physical states specified by applicable legislation of Bangladesh.

- Wildlife specimens in relation to which trade is prohibited by applicable legislation.

- An item or service that is illegal in Bangladesh



If you have noticed any announcements promoting Prohibited Items on Obondhu, please report them via the “Report This Ad” link available in each posting.

Signing up for an account on is quick, easy and completely free! To sign up on, please go to the Sign up page and follow the instructions. You can sign up with an email address, Mobile Number or through your Facebook account.

To log in to your account, simply go to the Log in page and enter your email and password.

To log out of your account, simply click the "Logout" option.

To change the details on your account, log in to your account and go to your account's "Settings" page.

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please check that you have:


Sign up for an account.

Entered the correct email address and password on the log in page.


If you are still having trouble accessing your account, please contact us.

To start a chat, go to an ad and click the Chat option. This will open a private chat between you and the ad poster.

To read your chat messages, click the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Members who have been doing business with for the last 3 months consecutively are eligible to become a "Verified Seller".


"Verified Sellers" get a special Verified Seller badge, which is a symbol of higher trust. Buying from a "Verified Seller" means buying with more confidence.


Our team verifies the seller’s email, business name, and contact details. In addition, we verify the documents below:


- The National ID of the owner

- Trade License of the business

- No documents required for well known Company


We do this to keep a safe marketplace where you know who you’re doing business with.

What is "Top Ad"?

Top ads are displayed at the top of the regular ad listings and get up to 10 times more views as compared to regular ads!


See Example of Top Ads.


What is "Featured Ad"?

Featured ads are displayed at the top of the regular ad listings and get up to 20 times more views as compared to regular ads! Apply the Featured promotion to communicate your urgency to buyers who are looking for a great deal!


- Get noticed with 'FEATURED' tag in a top position.

- F eatured ads are highlighted with a Golden Border on the ad.


See Example of Featured Ads.


What is "Spotlight Ad"?

Apply the Spotlight promotion to showcase your high value items in a large super premium slot right at the top of the ad listings page. Ads promoted with Spotlight attract immediate attention from buyers, so make sure you add great looking photos to your ad!


- Spotlight ads are visually appealing, with big images and a clean design which attracts buyer attention immediately.

- Each Spotlight ad is given an equal chance of being shown in this super premium spot and and shown automatically to every user.


See Example of Spotlight ad.